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Best of 2014: The War On Drugs, Basement Tapes Reissue

Yes, the War on Drugs. It’s that time of year when critics begin to compile their “best of” lists, which are usually equal parts elitism and self indulgence and I’m guilty as charged. Even years before I was a published critic, I was a sucker for year-end lists, probably the result of teen years

It’s the End of the Music Industry as We Know It and R.E.M.’s Got a a New Singles Box

One of the only bright spots in the music industry this year has been the growth in vinyl sales. Those sales are still tiny in terms of revenue, but they are growing, and even MP3 sales are headed down. Here’s my review in the Seattle Times of something we haven’t seen much of for

Should Robert Plant take the $800 million dollar Led Zep deal?

Though the initial story that floated around a few weeks ago of Robert Plant ripping up an $800 million dollar contract for a Led Zeppelin reunion tour is untrue, he clearly was indeed offered many many millions on several of occasions. So far, he has turned them all down, and not because the offers