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Elvis Costello, and his dad, in a fabulous Seattle show

4/27/15: If you missed Elvis Costello’s fabulous performance last night at the Seattle’s Paramount (“they don’t build palaces like this anymore”), here’s my review from the Seattle Times. I’ve seen Elvis a lot, in many incarnations, but this was the best show I’ve ever seen him put on. I think part of that is

The Cost of Elvis Costello’s First Seattle Show: $1

Elvis Costello appears in Seattle on April 26, 2015. Here’s a preview, and a report back on his first show from several decades ago.

4/18/15 The Sonics and Eddie Vedder and Friends Rock Easy Street

Saturday night’s Sonics’ show at Easy Street Records was a concert that I’m certain I will feel the afterglow of for some time to come. It was only later, after the concert had happened and I was talking to the band in Easy Street’s basement, that I realized the show as the same night

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘N’ Roll, and the Weird Sexual Organs of Animals

Here’s my review from today’s Seattle Times of this fascinating new science book. About sex! And drugs! And music!

Reviewing the Reviewer: Christgau’s Memoir Reviewed

In Sunday’s Seattle Times you’ll find my review of Robert Christgau’s new memoir. It’s a book that no only tells the history of his life, but also serves as a primer on rock criticism itself. And though you don’t give books letter grades in the Times, as Christgau has graded albums in his column

“Heavier Than Heaven” on Seattle Met’s Seattle Top 20

I’m honored that Seattle Metropolitan listed “Heavier Than Heaven” as one of the twenty books every Seattleite should read. I’m particularly honored to be on any list with Raymond Carver, Jack Kerouac, Thomas Pynchon, well, and a host of other incredible writers.

The Replacements Are Back… By Unpopular Demand

The Replacements return to Seattle next week — “Back by unpopular demand!” my favorite line from any gig poster, except the old Hank Williams one I have “If the good lord is willing and the creek don’t rise.” What’s your favorite show promo line? Here’s my preview of the Replacements from today’s Seattle Times.