“Heavier Than Heaven” reissued March 4, 2014

A new edition of “Heavier Than Heaven” comes out from Hyperion Books today with a redesigned cover and an updated preface. Since the book initially was published in September 2001, it has been translated into two dozen languages. Some of the odd facts about the book’s history include: A guy was reading it at his desk at the World Trade Center when one of the planes hit the tower (a story explained in the new preface); at the second reading I did for the book in 2001, a 15-year-old recovering heroin addict came to me and said it helped him understand shame’s role in addiction (the best review, or feedback, any author could hope for, and the first of many on that topic); the book was bootlegged in Indonesia and China (“bootleggers roll your tapes”); it often appears on lists of the titles most stolen from libraries (hate that); and it was the first book sold at the new Elliott Bay Book location on Capitol Hill (love that, as when I first started working for The Rocket Magazine, our office was right next door to the Comet Tavern. I never imagined I’d have a book one day at a bookstore on that block).HTH 2014 cover

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