Aberdeen Library site of first “Here We Are Now Reading”

On 3/20/14, I held the first reading for “Here We Are Now” in Aberdeen. At the start of the reading, I asked everyone in attendance who knew Kurt Cobain to stand up, and half the crowd stood. It’s always emotional to do an event in Kurt’s hometown, and in the actual library he spent much time as a youth. But it was particularly an honor when in attendance are folks like Ryan Aigner (the band’s first “manager”), Hilary Richrod (librarian), Lamont and Barb Shillinger (foster parents), Bob Hunter (Kurt’s art teacher), and many others who were close to him. I did find out that Aberdeen has actually done a few things to honor Kurt that I wasn’t aware of: they now have an “official” sign that points towards the Riverfront Park. I still feel the town should do more, but it’s a start.

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