Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” title explained, and mystery solved?

At my recent Aberdeen Library appearance for “Here We Are Now,” journalist Steven Friederich came forth with a  document that perhaps sheds light on where the title for Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” actually came from. Friederich discovered an old ad for the Morck Hotel in Aberdeen in an 1940’s city directory and recipe book. The Morck has been dilapidated for years, but it was one of the many places in Aberdeen where Kurt’s friends told me he crashed during his “homeless” teenage era. The ad for the hotel lists it’s slogan as “Come As You Are.” In all likelihood this appeared on letterhead, and signage, at the time. Whether Kurt directly took something from that, or whether it simply stayed in his subconscious a few years later when he wrote the song is unknown, but it’s a fascinating twist, and perhaps an explanation of the genesis of the title of one of Nirvana’s greatest songs.



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