In Seattle, Food is the new Grunge.

Okay, I said it: “Food has become the new rock & roll in Seattle. It’s what people are obsessed with. It’s what we talk about. Our chefs are the current grunge stars of Seattle.” Not that any food has ever taken me to the emotional place that a great song has, mind you, or that any chef’s creation has ever had the lasting impact on me that music has. But it IS Seattle’s current cultural obsession, good or bad. The new restaurant (say, London Plane) is a topic of conversation so widespread and in the Zeitgeist that it reminds me of how people used to talk about the hot new band (London Plane is the new The Posies, Rain Shadow Meats is the new TAD, Tom Douglas’s empire the new Sub Pop). Here’s what I said to KIRO Radio’s Rachel Belle the other day.



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