Gene Simmons is a Jerk. A Big Jerk.

My preview of the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame show on HBO is in the Seattle Times today—it airs on HBO on the 31st. But that won’t tell you what a jerk Gene Simmons of Kiss was backstage, and even onstage. He’s on TMZ video today ripping Nirvana. He implies that they don’t belong in the Hall because, “for me, having too or three records is not enough…I love the songwriting and the vibe of Nirvana, but personally I would have waited ten, twenty years.” Then he goes on to say that Dave Grohl has had more influence than Kurt Cobain: “You know who is bigger than Nirvana? Foo Fighters. Because they’ve had more impact on brand new bands. More new bands want to pick up… because when you see a stadium full of people singing ‘You’re my Hero.’”
(TMZ: So you think Dave Grohl has had a bigger impact on music that Kurt Cobain?)
GS: “To a new generation, yes. Time makes iconic figures, not tragic deaths.” Maybe Kurt Cobain should have painted the Rolling Stones logo on the Mel-Van, and not the Kiss logo, a band basically run by a man so bitter and broken he couldn’t even perform for three minutes with his original bandmates at the Hall.

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