Baby Got Bach: Sir Mix-A-Lot Brings it to Benaroya

Baby Got Bach: In case you happened to miss the Sir Mix-A-Lot show with the Seattle Symphony Friday night, June 6, 2014, it was, well, unlike anything you’ve seen in Benaroya before (and are likely to see again). I can’t help but imagine what the white-haired society page matrons of the Gerard Schwarz-era, or before, would have thought of this, but Luddy is rockin’ it, and doing a better job of getting young people in his hall than any of the other standard-bearer old school arts organizations in Seattle. And I love the fact that Mix didn’t clean it up, kept the MC (who grabbed his crotch more than anyone ever will on a Benaroya stage again), kept the same randy lyrics, and even took a selfie with Luddy. Amazing night. Video is on YouTube, and linked here, if you missed it.

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