July 2014 Ends with 26 Hours of Music

During the past twenty-six hours of a life in music, I felt nostalgic seeing Lake Street Dive, was charmed by Josh Ritter’s storytelling, got to talk about that bastard Buddy Rich during the twilight moments of the Bob Rivers show, saw Vaudeville Etiquette wow a downtown crowd, heard Gerald Collier return to form at the Zoo, and saw the best concert Lucinda Williams has done in Seattle in fifteen years (thank you Bill Frisell). Here’s my review of Lake Street Dive, a band on the rise, but the Lucinda review is also up on the Seattle Times site. Lucinda’s take on J.J. Cale’s “Magnolia” appears on her forthcoming album. It’s transcendent, and with lines about heartbreak and longing, it’s the truest Lucinda Williams-sounding song she didn’t actually write, if that makes sense to you. Don’t miss it.


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