Pete Carroll, and the Seattle Seahawks, as the Ultimate Rock Band?

I think you can safely say that when you think of individuals who through their professional background, and propensity for wearing “12th man” jerseys and Seahawks swag, are ideally suited to be commentators on professional football, and also qualified to give business advice for that matter, I am not at the top of the list. Or even on that list at all. My obituary will no doubt include the fact that as the editor of the UW Daily I intentionally choose to NOT make the football team Rose Bowl win our front page story (to be fair, at the time they were on such a run we thought they’d win every Rose Bowl, and my point was that academics should be as important as athletics — you see how much a difference my protest made over the years, of course). Given all that, you may find it odd that today on I give my analysis of Pete Carroll’s coaching style. And this is not a UW Daily April Fool’s gag, but Carroll does run the team a bit like a great rock band. Well, maybe.

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