Mardi Gras in a Los Angeles Record Store is a Big Easy

To whomever left this gift of karma on my Los Angeles parking meter, probably knowing that I was rushing to the Ameoba Records mardi gras parade — thank you. The 75 cents was nice, but the note was priceless. The day got even better: We saw a fabulous set by Steve Earle at the Grammy Museum, mostly playing songs from his forthcoming blues album “Terraplane.” Steve told a great story about Mance Lipscomb criticizing the guitar skills of Lightnin’ Hopkins, saying that Lighnin’ could only play well in the key of E, while Mance could play in five keys. “But Lightnin’ only wanted to play in E,” Earle explained. If you’re in Seattle, Steve Earle is playing this Thursday at Silver Platters, and will be touring later in the spring.

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