Elvis Costello, and his dad, in a fabulous Seattle show

4/27/15: If you missed Elvis Costello’s fabulous performance last night at the Seattle’s Paramount (“they don’t build palaces like this anymore”), here’s my review from the Seattle Times. I’ve seen Elvis a lot, in many incarnations, but this was the best show I’ve ever seen him put on. I think part of that is that he seemed more more into the idea of performing than he’s ever been, as if he wasn’t going to stop until he had won over everyone in the hall. The highlight of the show, though, was actually Elvis’s deceased father Ross, care of a video. Here’s a YouTube clip below that shows just a small part of the tremendous “If I Had a Hammer” performance by EC’s dad. I love seeing concerts where I come out singing a song — with my lovely son in tow — that I had no idea would be in my head before I went in. “If I Had a Hammer,” a killer rockin’ latin version, is that song today.

Elvis Costello closed his ‘Detour’ solo tour Sunday at the Paramount Theatre with a fabulous night of music that included a rare film clip of his father, Ross McManus,…

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