6/15/15 CeDell Davis brings the delta to Seattle’s Croc

The CeDell Davis show last night at Seattle’s Crocodile Cafe was one I’m sure I will remember for some time. Some of the visual elements I couldn’t find room to describe in my review were the interaction between the musicians onstage. There was the laughter of Scott McCaughey as he realized an occasional cue was being missed; there was the incredulity of Mike McCready as he dueled with Ayron Jones, both of them stepping back as if from a burning flame; there was Barrett Martin subtly holding the acoustic portion of the set with Evan Flory-Barnes; and so much more. When I write in this review about Zakk Binns impressing everyone, this is understatement — this youngish kid not only knew this music better than anyone onstage (other than CeDell; he and his dad Big Papa Greg Binns back CeDell often), his guitar work left me convinced he’s got a stellar career ahead. And finally there was CeDell himself, not just the visuals of him singing, and sometimes ignoring the band when he wanted to forge ahead into a song, but also him sitting stoically between sets, with the audience, but also somehow apart from the audience. But maybe that “apart-ness,” that otherness, is one of the keys to great blues music. CeDell would know.



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