7/12/15: I just wasn’t made for these times, nor was Brian Wilson

I have to admit the first time I ever truly got “into” the Beach Boys was after a bootleg of “Smile” came my way. Uncut magazine called this “the greatest bootleg” of all-time. Before that, the Beach Boys of my youth were a band that played state fairs that I reacted “against,” because they were oftentimes smaltzy, with sexist songs about “girls,” cars, boats, and other themes weren’t topics I was interested in. Then I finally discovered the internal world of Brian Wilson’s songwriting, deeper in that catalog, but an entirely different world than what I heard on the radio from them. Last night’s show at Benaroya had moments of glitz, but also was a remarkable look at one of pop’s most gifted — and troubled — songwriters: Wilson sitting stoic behind his grand piano, looking at his bandmates often for cues on where to sing on songs that he wrote. He appeared fragile, but also, at times, even happy, and seeing a smile on his face when Al Jardine’s son killed “Don’t Worry Baby” made the whole show worth it. Here’s my review in the Seattle Times. http://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/music/brian-wilson-celebrates-legacy-at-benaroya-concert-review/

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