Room Full of Mirrors in my biography of Jimi Hendrix. It was published in 2005 by Hyperion Books and became a bestseller in the U.S. and several other countries. The book was the result of several hundred interviews, and four years of research. I grew up loving Jimi’s music, and being from Seattle I felt that so much of his legacy had been reported incorrectly. Working on the book, I came to know his friends, schoolmates, bandmates, and family. In the course of researching the book, I discovered the site of Jimi’s mother’s grave, which had been overgrown and lost for many decades.

Here are some reviews of Room Full of Mirrors:

“A surprisingly touching version of Hendrix’s story. Mr. Cross conducted more than 300 interviews, many with Hendrix’s fellow musicians. His diligence casts light on poignant, little-known parts of the Hendrix family history, too.… Mr. Cross’s detailed, engrossing book makes the memory of Hendrix even stronger.” — New York Times

“In a loving researched new biography, Charles R. Cross puts a new focus on Hendrix’s childhood, revealing a lifelong psychic wound…. What lifts [Room Full of Mirrors] are his attempts to understand Hendrix’s psychology, a challenge considering the purple haze of most of his recorded comments.” — New York Times Book Review

“Cross has written what he modestly describes as ‘a’ biography, one by which all future biographers of the man will have to set their compasses.” — London Times

“Definitive. Hendrix emerges from this superb biography as not only a big old sexy genius, but as a funny, sensitive and very naughty boy.” — Sunday Telegraph

“A concise, cleanly written overview of Hendrix’s life and career.” — San Francisco Chronicle

“His reconstruction of Jimi’s all-but-abandoned childhood makes for fascinating reading.” — Sunday Herald

“Fascinating and meticulous.” — Toronto Star

“One of the most accomplished authors on any topic in local history.” — Seattle Weekly

“Succeeds at getting to many truths in the Hendrix saga. An amazing journey into the heart and soul of the greatest guitar hero in the world. A.” — Classic Rock Revisited

“Definitive. The clearest, most intriguing picture of Jimi Hendrix to date. No author has painted as full and vibrant a picture of Jimi Hendrix as Charles R. Cross.” — Glide Magazine

“One of the best biographies to date. . . . Admirably comprehensive and well referenced, this is the Hendrix biography to acquire if you can acquire only one.”—Booklist

“Impressive. While there have been dozens of Hendrix biographies, they’re often filled with more legend than fact. Cross aimed at setting things straight, conducting 325 interviews over four years and comparing their content with official records that sometimes told a different story.” — Seattle Times

“Admirable. Such is part of the joy that comes from reading Room Full of Mirrors. It paints Hendrix not as a guitar-god stereotype but as a real person…. The level of detail never becomes laborious, as Cross moves the story forward at a brisk pace toward its well-known conclusion.” — Associated Press

“Highly readable. An excellent portrait, probably unbeatable both for its moving depiction of his youth and thrilling rise to fame and for its myth-busting finality, the result of extensive interviews and research.” — Los Angeles Times

“There are a number of Hendrix bios already available, but Cross surpasses them all, both in terms of research and execution.”— Publishers Weekly

“A thrilling story of the life and death of a legend.” — Harp Magazine

“Part the purple haze and gaze.” — Vanity Fair

“The ability to portray a different side of an artist who’s already had numerous books written about him is what separates Room Full of Mirrors from the books that preceded it. Cross’s tenacity in tracking people down and interviewing them—sometimes dozens of times—resulted in a plethora of material that no one has written about previously.” — Pages

“I was brought to tears by Seattle writer Charles Cross’ rich new biography on Jimi Hendrix, Room Full of Mirrors.” — Seattle Times

“The best account yet. Room Full of Mirrors gives an authoritative account of Hendrix’s death. One of the best of 2005.” — Christian Science Monitor

“A masterful job at research. A compelling read.” — Rocknworld

“A fascinating read. A more intimate portrait than previous biographies. Funny, poignant, provocative and sometimes disturbing. Top of 2005.” — Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Full of revelations.” — Oregonian

Heavier than Heaven was brilliant, but this is better, with Hendrix at the center of the creative cauldron that drove pop culture in the late sixties. Best of 2005.” — NME

“Unlocks the vast mystery of one of rock’s most enduring legends. This page turning, moving, and compelling biography gives the true Jimi Hendrix the immortality he deserves.”— John Shelton Ivany Top 21

“Cross’s thorough and revealing portrait could be the last word.” — Library Journal

“Cross trains his very adept eye on another hometown hero in the wake of his masterful Nirvana bio, Heavier Than Heaven, and peels back the opaque layers…. Meticulously researched… chilling and compelling. Four stars.” — Mojo

“The output of Cross’ controlled and careful approach is a very informative, respectful biography of one of the most important musicians in the history of rock.” — Biografie Bulletin

“In-depth and thorough. There is little doubt that this is the seminal work about Jimi Hendrix, and a must-read for fans of the amazing guitarist.” — Rock Reviews

“A sober, well-researched portrait of a blues man… Packed with rock stars, models, drugs, and, oh yeah, music, but Cross cuts the crazy with a deep sense of Hendrix as a man.” — Maxim

“Best books of 2005. Cross took the road less traveled by biographers, using an economy of words in the context of several years’ research. The result exudes empathy and respect for a musician who has too often been mythologized and, in effect, dehumanized. Here you’ll meet Hendrix’s impoverished though persevering family, his troubled mother, father, brothers, and sisters. And, for the first time, you’ll meet Jimi.” — WTOP

“The Hendrix whom we meet in Cross’s pages is a lonelier one than we have met before…. The atmosphere of sadness generated by its opening chapters never dissipates — as it doubtless didn’t for Hendrix himself — even in the pleasure-vortex of swinging London or the haze of Monterey and Woodstock.” — Boston Globe

“Bulges with facts and judicious scrutiny.” — The Age

“A carefully researched masterwork.” — Sydney Morning Herald

“Gets as close to the real Jimi as anyone can. Cross is extremely close but not completely under the spell of his subject and is able to shed light on the real Jimi.” — Edmonton Journal

“The definitive biography of rock ’n’ roll’s greatest guitarist. Meticulously researched.” — Calcutta Telegraph

“Definitive. Careful research makes this book one of the best ever written on the rock and roll superstar.” — The Sun

“A definitive portrait.” — Gleaner

“Places among the best, simply because it’s so well researched. Cross gives Hendrix, the man, the kind of attention he deserves, acting as a reliable guide through an outrageous life. He gives Hendrix credit as a musical genius, but without stripping him of his identity, as many do, and turning him into a golden icon.” —Portland Mercury

“Cross sets a lofty standard.” — Sunday Herald

“Painstakingly detailed and impassioned tale.” — Spin Online

“A fantastic book. A must read for anyone who loves rock ‘n’ roll or American history.” — The Right Balance

“Now when it comes to the question of which Hendrix biography to buy, you will no longer have to ask yourself which one you should reach for: Cross’s is the most vivid and moving version.” — Contra Costa Times

“I feel in love with this book and found it almost impossible to put down…. I would encourage any fan of music history to pick this one up. This one I am keeping. 3.99 stars out of 4.” — Shakefire